Saturday, September 08, 2007

Eason Trinidad send lanterns light farmers

Banner: Eason with lanterns to visit rural areas, it is thought

Eason Chan's penchant for Sichuan to remote areas Guangyuan, this is as Eason went to the local hospital, suffering from eye diseases visits farmers. Eason is the second year of the Project, "Ambassador bright," this trip will stay in local five.


However, Eason was seen chatting yesterday, the original of the night before because of overnight sleep. He said that this will have a place to visit more than 40 minutes on the mountain. After the plane and also by more than three-hour drive to reach Guangyuan. He feared he would have learned not to meet.

Eason bring the lanterns gave a dozen local families that will bring a bright family farmers. And he also brought two pairs of slippers and a new sunglasses, gave local farmers. He expressed hope that this can be pumped more time with the farmers dumping turn private ownership, visit to India last year, we illogical words, the dumping would also fail to communicate.

Speculation not fly

Eason concert tickets as all sold out, set off speculation flying heat. The 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan tickets being scalped. Eason concert Well that certainly happy, but speculation is not on the flight. He said: "The speculation should not, whether yellow cow (cattle), this is not legitimate, of course, is not very good." He said with a smile tickets if fans should not find him. Reporter that he will not become sick, or to buy the "cattle -" fans on the losing. Eason said he would support what endure.

Heterosexual dating

Eason recently attended Playboy's birthday, a girl he said with a smile about his meals, natural happy, but not gifts to the oldest female. He and his wife will not be allowed to heterosexual dating. Eason gave to the right, that he is not too good. Asked why he attend the meeting this time. We all know that he is not alone about him, the squad together that evening meals. As for reports that were Yumiko King fraudster, the Twins will be arranged as a birthday sea, but not for her birthday will be held. Yumiko has been talking to him. Eason unknowingly Yumiko means unhappy. Yumiko and her boyfriend on the scene. Eason asked the reporter who was on his boyfriend. That man Andy reporters, he said that no other party is her boyfriend.

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