Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shu Qi was sponsored by the 10 million worth list

Banner: Lien Shu Qi in the list sponsored by the Venice Film Festival closing ceremony

Shu Qi who performed the "paradise mouth" to be elected the current session of the Venice Film Festival screening of the closing film, Shu Qi has recently arrived in Venice, also devoted to dress up the red carpet. This Shu Qi plot of the famous brand watches home Table sponsorship, which she decorated wearing color gemstones Rose wrist watch worth 500,000 euro has been very valuable. Shu Qi wearing the same day more of the other models with a brand wrist watch, worth over 10 million.

Shu Qi also became the first Asian actress, invited to attend this brand wrist watch sponsored "The Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia" charitable activities. The event held by the 06 year will be invited to international film stars and celebrities, will also have their names carved on the table for charity auction proceeds will be donated to the fund is used mainly for preservation and restoration of classic Italian film-card use.

In line with the international star

This donation was in the past, the international film stars and celebrities involved, such as David Lynch (David Lynch), Orly Stone (Oliver Stone), Alexandra actor (Sandra Bullock), Gere (Richard Gere) and live to Allen (Woody Allen), Shu Qi this invited to the series, is in line with other international stars.

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