Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flywheel-zone appear to attract fans exchanged blows

Flywheel-Taiwan sentiment combination last night, Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center, a "dream Poly flywheel Sea" concert at the venue will make the final rehearsals, members Arron Yan hurt in a traffic accident earlier ligament foot location, severity quoted, yesterday afternoon rehearsal activities, but also in a wheelchair, straight to worship ceremony, Arron Yan adhere to stand up to express sincere hopes for a smooth performance, was interviewed by the media, Arron Yan only ones in wheelchairs.

Arron Yan foot injury not dance

Arron Yan ligament injury, is expected to fully recover before 2001, so last night at the music, he can not dance, but he still insisted on the stage singing performances, Arron Yan said: "Singing tonight that the good long walk will be sore now, but I will endeavor to do our part. "Speaking on the Taiwan Another popular combination appear before taxes arrivals, performance of crazy fans, recently earned the flywheel and appear on both sides of the fans more online lift the war of words. Wu Zun after hearing much surprised and asked: "TAC downtown Why "Arron Yan earned generous praise appear good that we can work together. Utah delegations not the same, we are all fans, we have different sky. Ask the flywheel can be worried about taxes appear to be fans snatched. Wu Zun said frankly: "not to worry, or even more pressure, the most important thing they do." Calvin Chen that Taiwan has on many men's groups, they know each other, they are often in the past it dragged and energy, we all grow up together. Wu Zun, said: "We do not like the road, not to worry."

Fans REQUEST kiss good risk

There is that the concert is free of charge to fly, a limited number of admission audience asked the flywheel will be held to consider wearing breast, allow more viewers to see their performances. They said it is expected that will be opened to Hong Kong concert. Completed last night after the concert, the next day nonstop rush flywheel Guangzhou, referring to their visit to Hong Kong without a night Po. Wu Zun, said laughingly: "No!" Another Hong Kong before they arrived at the airport, cause a big confusion, they know that the staff and fans inadvertently fall. Music at night and asked them to be concerned about the enthusiasm fans rushed Taiwan. They praised fans very obedient strait, Taiwan will not be rushed and asked them to have 105 to the frenzied fans claim they kiss. They have not encountered only draw fans have been reluctant to take, as they will be fans ... tin. They claimed this is very dangerous, of course not.

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