Sunday, September 30, 2007

Keqin stand up for canvassing Liu Ye

Banner: Ye Liu Keqin is good friends with

"Basic Law quizzes" false TV City last night film, the participating singers and artistes including Hacken Lee, Greer (Nniki), Samsung, bathing children, leaves Cuicui, Ming and Li Teng of Malaysia, which Keqin only responsible for the singing, not in playing the game.

Mrs Ip said she committed

Keqin explained: "I have 39-year-old, over the age of playing games. However, I will bravely stand up to let other people know that I will assist Mrs Ip election, apart from Mrs Ip said she is a good friend and I are not, I think Mrs Ip said she is a committed, brave enough to face challenges and responsibilities when she invited me to call, I only considered on a promise, but I have no interest in politics. "As if fans support him and vote because, whether the other candidates are not fair. Keqin chuckle: "I do not know how to answer questions, I only a small supporting role, other details to ask Mrs Ip said she, in fact, a few years ago, I have done similar things, even worse taipans (Mr Cheng) rebuke. (Canvassers can do that will affect the corporation itself?) The thought, I just speak out others support the target as registered voters to vote, not necessarily a bad thing. "

A bit of sun happiness

Last night, one of the actresses (Du sister) to show a purple, more happily showed reporters their birthday gifts, including rings, watches and mobile phones, Lu Fang and her boyfriend at home on special leave with her, personally cook, though very simple one meal, but the Du Aunt very happy. In addition, Li Teng were wounded last night performances, the original Mid-Autumn night barbecue at home with her friends, because loading staircase carefully and not slip, fortunately only hurt the Danes the tendons and muscle, not OK. That is Mi Yuan Ming was due to fly out to offend Cuijianbang "live entertainment" and asked who presided over the same "entertainment" programs that can Cuicui Ye Yuan Mi-too many words. Cuicui declined to comment, saying that she is not involved in any way in the scope of things. But that also means Mi Yuan Cuicui facelift, she is the victim, Cuicui Road: "Do not say this, I have remained silent, not specifically to provoke others."

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