Saturday, September 29, 2007

Han Li-Chung's visit to Beijing fans Airport

South Korean Lee Jun Ki popular idol formally signed yesterday joined the Royal entertainment, and Beijing held a grand press conference. During the banquet, King Entertainment CEO Wu Ma send more rain to the other side, congratulating the signing Lucky Horse. Before the conference, Lee Jun Ki Fans held a first meeting in Hangzhou, only 12 arrived in Beijing yesterday, about 500 tertiary-Fans at the airport at the airport, the scene of chaos. And the first visit to the Beijing-based Li, the local Fans enthusiasm by surprise.

Twins shirt into China

The recently completed North American concert tour of the Twins, made a special trip from New York to attend the Beijing conference, and sent to a China dress to Lee Jun Ki, I hope he brings to the fans friendliness, Black (who) more of the Li-tai chi and kung fu assumed photo album to the media, while the Li-- Mandarin speakers use "I love you", Lee Jun Ki said he is a long understood, at this time Em (A Sa) said it taught him to speak Cantonese, "I love you", but in the dark waters with "Driving Denver bone chicken bone dig" hazing him, but Lee Jun Ki spot Zhao Xue, A Sa afterthought tell the truth, but Lee Jun Ki expressed great interest in Cantonese. Asked whether Lee Jun Ki cooperation with the Twins launched Mandarin album. He said that depends on the company, but the film itself that in cooperation with the Twins. And on October 2, Lee Jun Ki will visit Hong Kong to attend the news conference, and the Hong Kong Fans and the media meet.

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