Saturday, September 29, 2007

Xie Dengjianhong "honey" timely help

Wireless Show "Yun Su," Mr Farah yesterday invited guests and Dengjianhong done earlier Dengjianhong Stephen done openly called "honey" by Stephen special invited explain, Mr Farah was accused of artificial beauty is cosmetic, also denied the rumors, insists that she will not to facelift .

"I warmth"

Dengjianhong (Patrick) whose programs accept the earlier visit, "honey" to describe Stephen, he clarified: "The fact that there are many characters and flavor, Xiao-Xin matching sister to me to do, I used to describe Paco bitter end only lemon and honey, I elected to a respectable with honey Chan Sang, because honey can indomethacin, in the bitter with sweet, can not think of this report will be out. "Patrick say:" If we can re-election, I would rather not vote, or carbon election, because he is at the low ebb of my career to help me, I like to warmer times. "Preparation for the recent the collection of, asked how repay Stephen, he said: "I will do more, I would have been so inadequate he felt, I will accept advice." As yesterday's starting to Cuijianbang Mt.Yuzhufeng High Altitude Area Savage, Patrick said: "Before, I have sent messages to him and told him air treasure every one, in fact, I told him no ill. "

Send responsible for carbon

Patrick was described as a charcoal Chan, said: "I asked him on this program, would like to know why the honey described me, in fact, are several charcoal for me, but I was responsible for the personal delivery of carbon, carbon TVB is to warm to him, not very charcoal to die." Wan more described himself as a tool, he said: "If someone I will water thirsty, I was tired on a low chair for the people sitting under the rest." In addition, Mi-Yuan Chuan from recent speech by wireless frozen, he said does not know.

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