Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Louis Liu Xuan stunned demanded Signed

Banner: ghosts hanging from the stage looked composed drums

"How did I notice a 1.3 billion passion conference" held yesterday in Beijing, a spokesman Louis attended the press conference, attracting over 100 media interviews and numerous fans, a grand scene. Wearing a black suit and a pair of jeans carries the lead 21 "LP Hero" irresistible played after 21 "LP hero," a martial arts and dance performances. Ghosts could not read praised "formidable!"

After the swearing-in ceremony of bribe, he replaced special skin jacket and white mask, standing 10 feet away from the hoist to Taiwan, together with dozens of young people in Ta Kwu. Although bribe from a height, but is very ambitious, but the audience and reporters could not help him. Subsequently, the MC asked bribe mood. He joked that his heart is very hot, we only have to look at his head to know. Masters rushed out immediately approached for the bribe sweat, the result of the fans attracted the audience screaming for a while, carries very generous we can laugh together called for him to sweat.

Putonghua marked progress

Yesterday, the Olympic gold medalist Liu Xuan and Wang Junxia also attended. Pepsi will be replaced by the General Assembly red packaging, to meet Beijing Olympics, the Chinese team Pepsi right to support. Many young people have always been the idol bribe, he saw two Olympic gold medalist, who roll into small fans, the duo to obtain signatures. Liu Xuan engrossed save face with the ghosts with sunglasses, could not see his eyes, I thought bribe was joking, and asked him really.

Irina said, and this can be two world-class athletes with Taiwan, is a glorious thing. Ghosts of the past have been criticized non-standard Mandarin, but he's obviously seen progress. As he explained recently bought the Mandarin and English books to learn, he said with a smile fact, we do not know whether they are wrong. Irina attended the press conference yesterday, but also immediately rush back to the comic books in December launched preparatory work, the itinerary very close.

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