Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Getting wind skirt: 100% fortunate

Banner: Speaking of wearing a son, talking so excessively

Tse love child Lucas has been full moons, he's talking so excessively in a radio program on love of greater praise Lucas Guai Aberdeen, Liang seems like dolls, also is not self-wife Cecilia Cheung temporarily, in order to make people ready.

Lucas seems toy

Lucas refers to a full skirt printed cake, referring to his childhood wearing black Ma Ma, Lucas than he Bai Jing much like the toy so beautiful. Wearing determination to when dad would not let his son to wind in the wind to rain in the rain, but Lucas is little crying Close, in addition to visiting the toilet uncomfortable, so that his son is considered a strong and robust. For that he will be on the 13th of this month for the love of children filled liquor, made a special trip to Hong Kong to see the great-grandson of the 95-year-old grandmother happy about, but to say that this skirt by the elders discussed.

Shopping by taste

As for his recent trip with Montgomery Street dating very love, that this is wearing two couples should have the delight of natural persons, has 10 months Moreover Montgomery no shopping, so the husband should accompany his wife spend, and on what they buy more wind to him, he is dressed by her costume for him and flu he is lucky to 100%. 問他會否呷兒子醋? Asked whether he Gacun son vinegar. Wearing his son said Mummy pain only be more happy, and that there is enough of everything. The recent initiative by phone with his son published photographs available to the media, he said that a one-off for everyone to see it well, some will be entertainment. He admitted there is being phased out by self-Montgomery, anyway she is not fat, it may hint at any time prepared made man.

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