Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rainie Yang - Free Gate

Taiwan's Queen of Cute Rainie Yang is back in full force with her drama Why Why Love and her highly anticipated new album My Other Self. Rainie broke out as a solo artist in 2005 with the hit song "My Intuition", the end theme to popular drama Devil Beside You. This year, she teams up again with co-stars Mike He and Kingone Wang for Why Why Love, and the first plug of My Other Self is the drama's end theme, "Short of Breath". This soft and sweet ballad talks about feeling short of breath when thinking of that special someone. Fans have been waiting over a year for Rainie's new album, and the young diva does not disappoint as both the drama and its theme are big hits already.

Rainie, who made her start in the dance pop group 4 in Love, will also be putting on her dancing shoes again after seven years. She takes on the latest Japanese street dancing moves for title track "Free Gate". This fun dance number is about the desire for a "free gate" through which one can escape the pressures and boredom of daily life. Rainie also especially cut her hair to present a new and refreshing image for this album.

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