Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jolin Tsai - Agent J (Music & Movie Deluxe Edition) (CD+DVD)

Jolin Tsai transforms into Agent J for her new album and music movie! Decked in tight black leather, the Taiwanese diva has even more surprises and sultry dance moves in store for her fans. Jolin's last album, Dancing Diva, not only brought her to the top of the charts, it also won her the Golden Melody Most Popular Female Singer and Best Female Vocalist awards. Expectations are naturally high for her new album, and the ever versatile Jolin is upping the ante with ten new tracks and her first ever music movie.

The diva flew especially to France to shoot the sexy and mysterious musical love story with Korean heartthrob Kim Jae Won - and that's just the beginning! With a budget of NT50 million, Agent J is a three-part music movie, with Hong Kong stars Stephen Fung and Carl Ng featuring in the London and Bangkok segments. The album's new songs include title track Agent J, Jolin's self-penned "Metronome", "Cold Violence", "Not For Sale", "One Person", "Sun Won't Set", and "Golden Triangle".

This edition comes with a DVD containing the 80-minute music movie Agent J.

Best Reviewed
An international gathering of experts from 10 countries collaborated to bring about the first 80 minute musical movie in the history of the Mandarin record industry! EMI invested heavily in this movie-making venture for Jolin's new 2007 Mandarin album [Agent J], which features a stunning new vision of music, dance, and style.

Four of the songs were recorded and produced in Denmark by a famous producer, Mr. Quang. Two very difficult dance styles were mastered by Jolin in England in 10 days--"Aerial Silk Dance" (she learned from its creator, Ari Lavanael) and "Poledancing" (taught by international dance expert Adan Jay of Pineapple Dance Studios). All silk dancing scenes were filmed with no safety precautions and with Jolin hanging a few storeys high with just her arm strength. The poledancing required her to perform two 360-degree rotations around the pole.

The Agent J movie includes romantic scenes with three different actors from Hong Kong and Korea, and was filmed on location in Paris, England, and Thailand by three of Taiwan's best movie producers and directors.

Jolin's new costume and style were designed by a famous Japanese designer who has also created outfits for Mika Nakashima, Duff, etc. Jolin will appear with a completely new look for Agent J, including her first bold attempt at a short hair style (cut layered with long back hair tucked in).

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