Saturday, September 08, 2007

To wash Guosailin late early termination

Banner: Guosailin (right) and Ann Ho-attended campaign

Guosailin girlfriend Ann Long and Hao Ho yesterday to attend as a guest bathroom supplies promotional activities in various toiletries, Guosailin avoid the stress is, we must be fit and comfortable, but have never tried to avoid a water function, as Ann used to avoid water, and that's good observers practical.

Guosailin disclosed earlier Hsiao ahead with a scheduled termination, and compensate for seven figures for the other side, she said: "We are still friends, also continue to maintain telephone contact because we are in an atmosphere of peace and the end of a happy relationship between host and guest, (then why should the early termination of contracts?) Because his company flags the artist, and the people feel that the facelift, I reiterate my never facelift, the new company are conducted, they hope can wash at the end. "As she will be based modeling work, that the future hardworking work to repay the debts.

Ann Lucas praised cute

Meanwhile, Hao Lung Jones Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse just for his son Lucas, Ann candor has been Montgomery Exploration mother, a lovely and praised Lucas, a cool, looks Kuxiao father wearing, wind movement are like Mummy. She said so lovely to see Lucas also her impulse to the BB because she also likes children, but still feel calm after the 30-year-old Mummy done after more appropriate.

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