Saturday, September 08, 2007

Awards said the feedback has been good for the rare

Banner: awards that can be difficult for the Venice Film Festival has a

Awards are Zhengshen local participation in the Venice Film Festival yesterday he sponsored radio telephone interview. He said with a smile to stay in Italy over the past few days, he will learn of the Italian text. He said that in Italy, the non-stop media interviews, a total of 30 so few, but more than his director Jiang Wen, director of foreign media as if the stars. Ancestors were also alleged that foreign media to visit him, most of his family will not be asked questions, mainly on the film, he was surprised.

Zu said the shooting of "The Sun Also Rises" is a road movie. Hope he can try new multi point, he said that movies were most remember the first day he could not help but like a lot of children like, because that feeling and touching. Director Jiang also praise he is a good actor, but not when he admitted, if the other side is an actor that he has very happy.

Mummy appreciate your food consumption

The ancestors were encoded for the Venice film actor, but Jackie Chan has said that his father did not want him winning. Ancestors were also recognized, he refers to the benefits of competition, each one also can illuminate the Earth's star, as the actor, George Ancient Town (George Clooney), he has been involved in the rare good. He added that the Venice Film Festival will be an entertaining display of souvenirs for them to the admission that he took "emollients cream," he said with a smile Hong Kong should learn about. Ancestors of Venice and that the consumer good, I hope to see Mummy come back after the bills will not be too frightened, he said with a smile also afraid of your long-distance telephone charges, they dare not call the Mummy.

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