Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wearing hours with the old tub for bathing infants

Banner: the skirt just fathers, talking so excessively

Just fathers Tse has re-enter the workforce, he visited the cable programming in addition to sharing the joy of a father, for the first time on television screens on the display of photographs of her son Lucas.

Grateful nanny

Wearing refers to Beijing to work before his wife with his son Lucas Montgomery with somebody off. He saw Lucas sleeping in Montgomery arms, even to dare to kiss him, the fear awakened by his son. He became the first father to a most memorable moment for Lucas is the first time a bath. The original "rule" Retention has been wearing a nanny 26 years ago by wearing bathing from the bathtub, wearing the bathtub with the shower for Lucas. His feelings and said: "Unexpectedly, his son should be with his father 26 years ago, used the bathtub to wash his first bath. I am really grateful to my childhood babysitter, to retain the bathtub, Lucas and dad can share this with 'first'. "He has also said that Lucas was born the next day the obvious good shape, unlike the other like an old BB powder Mission, referring to escape I do not know why there is a small Jiuguo probably inherited from Grandpa.

Montgomery is not fat

When that will also wearing a father, but Lucas was born only a few days when his dad to. He said: "As long as Lucas of a cry, I will ask him not to cry, because I want him to 'Be a man. 'So he was born less than a month, I have done a bad person. "Asked whether with the wind recover more of a child, wearing, said:" I do not want to wind Lucas loneliness, but Lucas has brothers and sisters is heaven, to see if there is any luck. "

As for the wind over his health after the tension build, wearing ask you to help persuade the wind, in his eyes, the wind is always beautiful wife and the Mummy. He said: "I understand that women will certainly be very tense their bodies, but I do not think a woman would not BB End of fat, sugar before her, the only BB 'End fat' Zo, rather than fat."

Filled on liquor

Wearing far in Canada's grandmother to Lucas, who will return full moons drink liquor. He and Lucas Montgomery for the Full Moon Wine want everything from simple, the people want a fresh meal even, but in order to start encouraging the elderly, they decided to put a decent Lucas for the Full Moon wine, some old people too.

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