Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mandy popular models wearing hats pre-wedding

Banner: Mandy bridal wear, with high hopes

Modeling surge in popularity of Mandy Lieu Reenex skin for rehabilitation treatment center, shooting a new series of advertisements. Recently, the cause of two love Mandy pride, a smile from the heart, and that she had publicly expressed the hope for bridal wear advertising shoot, so special arrangements Mandy wearing wedding photo taken, the more her sweet smile bright and skin more vivid.

Chief emissions

Shooting the day, a total embodiment of two gorgeous Mandy modeling, she first crystal up to bare golden gown into battle and lying on the spot and built a bed of white babies assumed more elegant classic. During more babies lying on the bed for a few hours, she was almost uncomfortable 'sleep. Dressed in bridal replaced after the more vivid Mandy filled, art director Mandy try to guide their future marriage fantasy look and mood, Mandy revealed that the field of prevarication smile.

But behind the laughter she has been a fear that there will be expressions stripes, she really found that the earlier two laugh lines appear in mouth angle, but fortunately skin Wen-treatment centers, what the expression did not think twice.

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