Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dancing year that the fans had were just in time

"Hit FM hookup network" held earlier in the Internet "Jolin (year) voted favorite Dance" by the results of "love without forgiveness" to 1,758 votes won the first, as the songs dance movements simple to learn, more netizens on the Internet launched Jolin popular dance movement.

Jolin fans on the night before last in Hsimenting at the popular dance movement, and a large number of fans dancing in the streets, Jolin Fu arrived at the scene and was surrounded by a large number of people, she also found that many of the fans to dance dress fancy, like a Jolin imitation contest, fans even simple "spy J" dress up, and homemade "love without forgiveness" Dance in the Thunder to Jolin and praising his good intentions. The idols were praised by fans, even after work harder to jump Jolin "dancers", "Mr.Q" and other songs to seek her favor, she happy to ear: "I need to hurry to dance for a higher degree of difficulty, we should not rush off by the fans!"

The time difference did not adapt to dance dizziness

Reading fans after the show, Jolin also enjoy dancing with you, but we had originally intended to jump with a lump in her songs, just because the British to return to Taiwan, the time difference still be unable to meet that first pass, but jumped a half songs, Jolin even promised this week, the celebration had concerts, will compensate for everyone Welcome to the same music together.

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