Saturday, October 20, 2007

Miss Karen Mok initial preparations for the big music person

Miss Karen Mok (Karen) the night before last kai mother attended "A Total Italian Experience" reception, guests also starring the same venue, Shelly and Wang, Karen and presented the "grid-Italy fashion awards," she impromptu fluent Italian to speak her original 17, when eight candidates Italy not only very fond of the local food and culture, but also to learn first-hand the entire cheese cake craft.

The study fashion like Karen, since the statement with the Italian brand in particular Predestiny, post-retirement dream in Florence to buy land from the winery, a decent life; However, she said with a smile he is a workaholic, I believe that desire can not be too fast to achieve. Moreover, Karen will be held on November Mei introduces new Mandarin album, but also arranged all the music discs, she said: "I have never experienced such a drop-hand settled preparatory records, even looking for sponsorship and shoot MV has done."

Ethan clarify a shopping spree

In addition, the night before last and starring Ethan also awarded a certificate of Georgia, a sexy dress up clothes that the attacker is sponsored by the General Assembly. She was photographed earlier for a shopping spree, she explained for the wireless program "beautiful University" to do investigations, peer also directing people, she said: "Mama, I read reports also asked whether such a big spending, in fact, I every quarter revenue will be allocated for investment more than half, the rest of the donations to charity institutions, the remaining small portion of it to shoppers. "

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