Monday, October 22, 2007

Exposed due date Keqin not let Du Aunt

Banner: Keqin Du sister was exposed due date, but have not therefore became the chief Aunt

Boone (beep) earlier exposed Hacken Lee will do his father early next month, was unable to attend next month on the 3rd at the "singer-Taiwan-Jade." Last night Keqin presents "Yan Oi Tong leap in the 30th mercy," he said that they would not let Du Aunts. Chuan He has eight cards will be sent to his wife won diamond rings and diamond pacifiers to the small Keqin, he nodded recognition, but I say not.

To clarify the confiscation of valuable gifts

"Yan Oi Tong mercy leap in the 30th," the day before in TVB City, attended singers Joey Yung, Twins, Hacken Lee, Jing-Xuan Zhang, Li Yue Long and Yuanweihao, etc.. Ye Cuicui master of ceremonies by the General Assembly, and maturing as MC, the evening raised a total of nearly 13 million yuan. Keqin always on the wife's due date are confidential, but not before the beep carefully exposed, Keqin that may Du Aunt recent fiction, too happy, but neglect in all, he will not disturb. Asked whether he thought was the chief Aunt blasting out? He said with a smile before Allen made it clear that, instead of saying to him. It is reported Keqin friends keung sent millions of scholarships, Azerbaijan smart delivery vehicles, while Allen Diamond He sent his father, Keqin absolute last night to clarify reports said never received a gift between friends that he is not speaking of money, he is startled to see reports. He stresses that the heart is between friends, a group of old friends have sent best wishes to him, we met so many years, and some things do not have to say, the children would not have to add such expensive gifts; But he admitted that really unable to attend the "emerald-singer-Taiwan."

As for the reports that he sent eight cards ring to his wife and gave the diamond to small Keqin pacifiers, he only said that more efforts should now work. He was referring to the beginning of next year are the concert meeting, we Given this concern BB, as the concert is "Hacken Lee creches concert experience" good. Asked whether he will live broadcast fragments in concerts that he himself is not high profile, there are so far no such intention, but I do not know when it will suddenly happy to do so well, Andy Lau have called him than in the concert will be home decorations and family of three are broadcast. He was sent to ask him too? He nodded on the edge, but faith: "No!"

Mid next year could bare

Recently, the magazine published a Mid sexy as Mid refers to this phase is to be held the end of January next year, the concert posters, mainly to attract more people to see the concert. She feels that is not too sexy bare, the most important phase is Zhang Liang, but there will not be any concerts this modeling emerged. This art form is the director of design, the other side means nothing to her back, can take advantage of their youth to stay vocal, because she did not see in front of the first.

Li Long last night in a program of Jardine Yuanweihao jump Salsa dance performances, but Mr. Long Yue, the costumes alleged dense, she said the costumes are wireless arrangements, she feel ill; She may want to cover his back tattoo, only more dense. Li Yan Oi Tong is also my mother's original, this is her, because of her mother's relationship? Li Long Yue said no, she wanted all good things.

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