Monday, October 22, 2007

Next step sister have had artists have in Sawajiri

Japan's annual forecast will close at the end of next year there will be no more popular artists, magazines, "Break Max," the first to make a forecast, which even Lohan, fortunately field to less than Erika Sawajiri report.

The first "step sister" and fortunate not to field two avex a sister, are regarded as "high-risk personalities," "Step Aunt" because of years of dating her boyfriend breaking up, with the manager suddenly Chuan scandal, the image will be hit; And fortunately Tin Machine was launched pellets, although the record companies so close the substantial royalties, but her image will be dropped. As for the man of the hour Sawajiri recently, because "black-incident" and was besieged, advertising, TV and film from all of her, perhaps she is the highest voices "have had artists." The rest of the list also supermodel Lao artists in the Friends of the original book actress and water, such as Bear Fantasy son.

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