Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hao Chen denied "Jewelery" multi-block

Banner: Hao entries late, but won the competition leader

Wireless drama "sky stem Exploration" class actor, supermodel yesterday by a force composed of local, took part in the "Hong Kong Heifer Walk good赛" for the General Assembly to raise funds to help those in need. President of the General Assembly, Mr Antony Leung announced that the game, then Fu Mingxia as the "ambassador of love" and the result led by Hao "sky stem exploration" team won 10 of the 11 Foot game.

Before the game also no Hao's whereabouts, he later than the original approach to a few minutes to arrive at the venue before, he laughs: "good traffic jam outside, finding nowhere to go, I would like to捉贼." Hao Chen can only practice with several teammates rushed it into the game. Afterward, Hao humbly said: "Fortunately, there are a group of very good teammates, opponents and competitions are well refined." Feedback shooting New Drama "Jewelery" Hao, because黎姿younger brother to have surgery, and蔡少芬do vocal cord operation, the progress of filming serious obstacles, Hao said: "Speech Rapporteur of the holidays we can accommodate, for the time being I can. In fact蔡少芬accident at the scene the day I see a less than sound she tried to persuade her not to do so as to avoid injury to the vocal cords. "" beads "of a series of accidents drama, Hao said:" The film may be set drama for a year and all spent several long, first misconception seems to happen a lot of things, actually peacetime拍剧will have accidents,好难to avoid, the most important thing is that we are well. "

Fu Mingxia, that the Olympics should not be politicized

In addition, the "ambassador of love" Fu Mingxia, that will do visits to Qinghai and asked to take her daughter to be, she said: "after she grew up with it, let her look at the future of the poverty situation, let her know how happy." For Martin Lee's recent statement On the political will of the Olympic Games, said athletes only small volts to participate in the competition, held once every four years opportunity to contending for first place and should not include other elements, or simply to see the point.

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