Saturday, October 27, 2007

Patrick Tam hospital nurses crazy

Banner: Patrick Tam infusion tense mood

Patrick Tam recently in Hebei Yongnian filming "Cantonese tai chi," he wear unlined garment赶拍because of the long weekend night show, coupled with the radical change in temperature difference between Hebei and illness, he persists in not affect the progress of films, the daily need Hankuang in Handan city hospital for more than three hours of infusion therapy.

Camera Signed

Patrick Tam at the beginning of treatment, the nurse who has been identified Patrick Tam, and hoped he lowered glasses to show real bodies, but eventually he admitted that. At the same time he injections process, the number of nurses to obtain signatures. However, at that time he was the right hand transfusion is not signed, the Chung nurses have more in Putonghua him with the explanation, said: "The rehabilitation after picture and signature with you, now look really不好看, thank you all for concern."

Free bed fee

Few days infusion process, Patrick Tam nurses who have been taken care of for him to set up a single infusion, and waive the bed fee. At the same time after the end of each infusion have jokingly asked Patrick Tam a bottle of medicine to stop the beating, so that he stay in hospital for a long time some. Nurses asked him next time for consultation, and hoped he would once again to hospital for treatment. When the treatment ended, he joined with the nurses to take pictures and signatures, but also grateful for everyone's care.

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