Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jackie Chan kung fu influence of China Awards

Directed by Stanley Tong as the "Chinese kungfu. Global Festival "last night in Shenzhen Baoan Coliseum, guests including Thailand," 484,993 "Tony Jaa, South Korea hunk Zhang He, the Japanese martial arts star Kurata Bao Zhao and so on, and Wanda Sue, Athena Chu, and other awards as star guests, there are Jackie Chan kung fu classes lead Chengjia performed stunt Journey. Jackie Chan was more influential Chinese kung fu global awards, other winners are Jin Yong, Stanley Tong, Liu and the others were. Centuries effort Changhe

Awards show to the era landmark kung fu figures, carding the Chinese Kung Fu Lives, Many Masters. From the first generation of martial arts star Wang Yu, ginger David, the star, Lau Ka-leung, Huiying Hung, Jackie Chan, to the future stars of hope Wu Ching, Vanness Wu, as well as the Chinese kung fu film to contribute CHENG Xiao-dong, Peter Cheng, Joey, and so join in appearance. The General Assembly also arranged for the Durango role as story-telling, looking back on 100 years kungfu long process and recalled the glorious kung fu movies, and Lee, Chang Cheh, King Hu, such as the late master of the Civil salute.

Stanley Tong said the Chinese Festival is the world event, we can hope that through this activity on the Chinese kung fu culture to have a better understanding, coupled with China's successful bid to host the Olympic Games, the Chinese kung fu has been included in the Olympic project, can be said to be one of celebration. Awarded the "Best Action Actor" Happy Huiying red felt good, she believed that action actor has been not to be regarded as art, but despite assurances sell port poor status of this award-winning actor for action to be vindicated.

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