Saturday, October 13, 2007

Verbena said Jupiter good condition stabilized

Pop (Bermuda) a few days ago in apartments because of a coma and was rushed to hospital for treatment, the rescue after the Queen Mary Hospital is being admitted to the intensive care unit, a large number of media interviews in the hospital to continue, and honors and her ex-husband Cheng Hsin Entertainment also have went to the hospital to Bermuda, and revealed that the shark has been improved, even eat lunch the surface. It is understood Jupiter is the main reason for hospitalization coma I did not quit in the hospital the day before, she and Chang Cheh wife to Kowloon City to buy crabs taste of home, leading to coma home.

At about 12, wearing a hat and sunglasses and masks Heights escorted by the police and security, and Shu-Fen Chen Chang Cheh wife and son went to hospital to visit Bermuda and stayed for about two and a half hours before leaving, and in five minutes she left, honors ex-husband Lindsay (Autumn) also arrived at the hospital. When Heights leaving, the fifty surrounded by reporters that the situation she asked Bermuda, she said Jupiter situation better than yesterday, a good spirit, lunch also eat a bowl, we do not have to worry too much.

As for the shark when it can be transferred to the general ward? She said that has not yet know, and so she is in stable condition decide. For it has been reported that Bermuda is because eating too many crabs and fainted Heights frankly not sure Mama fainted reasons, I only know that her good hard, before there is not to eat shark things, we also hook for a real finger. Talking about the situation has improved honors, she also put aside their hearts boulder? Not only nodded Heights answered.

Autumn and praising good smart woman Heights

As for the sailors friend Chang Cheh wife, and left Championships due to see a large number of reporters surrounded the Heights, she is heading in the opposite direction to leave, but she asked reporters still catch up with the situation and sailors, initially she refused to answer After questioning the situation before that honors good. While Autumn in 3:15 left, he revealed that Bermuda now medics have been all right, and praising Heights: "into the matter quite troublesome, but also managed to transfer trivial things, the pressure well, but her good smart woman." In addition, the Summer of the attending doctor Mrs Chong-mao also said that the situation in Bermuda has become more stable, but the details should not be disclosed too much.

New songs "repay" gifts Mummy

Summer pre-admission Heights have received RTHK car Shumei's visit, during his visit to the Summer Championships yelled "Mama, refueling, everyone waiting for pistachios coming back." During Verbena fan recalls mother in a hospital intensive care unit less than their moment of recognition, could not help shouting up; Summer time Heights holding hands listen to her sing, kept singing and eventually Bermuda awoke tell: "You sing good listen."

Verbena also grateful for the support she and the sailors who sometimes encounter people in the streets Zan her family, called her refueling, all the more love tin Summer Championships, and she and Jupiter bad person, she also thank say, they let her be stronger and life truth. Championships have a new song called "repay" is presented honors, the lyrics are "grown up from Fu Yu, excluding any cost ..." very moving, Hsin said that the song was recorded, could not get the better half has been calling up.

Le Yi-ling last night to watch Miriam Yeung concert nearby, was asked about Jupiter admitted, that she had just returned to Hong Kong in Shenzhen, has yet to contact with the Championships, but received each other's SMS, think Heights is very strong. She said that at this stage should Heights home to rest, such as Jupiter improved situation will be about her out for dinner, asked whether Taiwan IP presentation to the Bermuda? She said: "Not yet dumping November of Taiwan-first, to see at first physically threatened shark."

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