Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shoring officer and her lungs are still walking too wide

Officer and her (Ella) High diamond ornaments Madia yesterday attended the opening ceremony of the flagship store, and two sets of diamond ornaments on the spot demonstration, one of the more worth more than 20 million yuan. But the first time more than 20 million wearing the diamond ornaments Ella, I wonder if too happy, has publicly inverted meters, said he if more than 20 million yuan, will be used to buy property and living in a family, not buy diamond ornaments.

Good smart woman

Having said that, Ella is a shopping maniac, recently almost bunk blasting cards, she said: "To avoid their own out of control, I do not credit for more than six figures, but because some of the installments, I forget the amount of credit will be taken, when credit card that I have to shop over, I immediately greatly surface own baseline. (You will learn pair subsidiary marry Homer karaoke!) I have no card, but very happy for the morning, I think they love each other well, fate is not to marry a subsidiary card and the. (consider that morning do not know the width too old friends?) I think she better nice, good smart woman, like her good, but she has not yet seen the BB. "

Love shopping

Ella added that will not let its own more than three credit cards, all enough to pay income Fortunately, no money owed to the banks. As for what she installments for something? She laughs: "things are silly, but even a value of 220 yuan installments of the heater I have." Ella said he turned and ears Aberdeen soft, and often can not withstand the lobbying salespersons and shopping, for example, once spent 20,000 yuan to buy some nutritional products. Asked if she smiled future marriage, she could accept her husband to pay by installments and pay cash gifts and home? She laughs: "Depending on the possibility that endures for ever! But cash gifts is to Mama, Mama, I believe that should not agree to this and I do not accept installments to the home. "

In addition, Ella just friends with a group of Beijing to Shanghai End appreciate Formula One racing, the last day of Downhill Unfortunately itinerary Shanghai fight on the 16th typhoon signal, out to her Water Tour, could only stay in hotels Wang Yu. For Chuan She will join BMA, she said she had no, and decided to remain in the old company.

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