Saturday, October 13, 2007

Malaysia Cafe showering invited engineered publicity

The 9th of this month the birthday of Jackson, in celebration of Malaysia, after that is to make advertising and cut the ribbon, the original one in Malaysia has 13 local chain of cafes boss eyes foods, and paid close to seven figures invited him to be his voice, because genetically dream has been opened Cafe, spokesmen for the honor of being , said with a smile when they have already shares, it will be more hard publicity.

VIP cards are free meals life

Threatened to be prepared to do the labeling father, asked whether this has earned the first barrels of "milk money"? He is Tokebis: "The best earn more buckets! In fact, I like their fresh things Drinking Tea for restaurants, especially meat Simi Pickled Cabbage, although cafes many people, but I like that kind of friendliness and popularization of the Internet (not afraid of being identified?) Not afraid, we Chengri were paparazzi recovery! "and labeling the destination, then attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony attracted hundreds of fans and onlookers. During more bosses send additional birthday gift to the foods that can be installed under the weight of 16 Cup "Super teacup", followed by a VIP card, so that he can eat 13 of the food chain, and free lives.

More on the spot engineered display cooking, feeding the audience taste, but once aroused confusion, fortunately without unpleasant things happen. Signed after labeling also will be held, during which a mother-in-law came to power, comfort foods: "I am happy! Wait for you to Malaysia for a long time, and finally see you, I see good work, "Zeng Qinghong" and also know that you are very filial piety, really very happy to see you. "Mother-in-law said, more tears, the atmosphere has become very moving scene.

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