Monday, October 22, 2007

William commissioned by the Heritage 100 million property management

Grand network - recently experienced a serious illness hospitalized the singer recovered and been discharged death after disclosed that she had been in a coma before the Trust entered into secret book, commissioned by the Heritage nearly billion property managers, ex-husband Lindsay is the first choice, other candidates include Shu-Fen Chen, fertilizer big sister and friend Chang Cheh wife.

Because Cheng Hsin this year was just 20 years old, but the cause of indulging entertainment business, the lack of experience dealing with many different types of assets, so she made before in a coma-like trust, the assets will be transferred to name Trust fund operation, and by the lawful management of the trustee, if she was not dead, Zheng Verbena face any asset utilization and work event, the final decision must have the person responsible for approving the Trust to help, and this can be avoided fear deep sense of the daughter they had been deceived, safeguard the future of life Heights. According to informed sources, William mind already several trustee candidates, most of which she hopes will become a symbol chief trustee. The insider said: "There is a fertilizer certainly hope that the next of kin would help her take care of her daughter!" This person also said that the singer has been very worried that if the symbol when the trustees, will be about the official House4, as trustee to manage many things. The Hong Kong media has been verified to the symbol of the trust people, he did not mince words, "do a good job. Already."

It is learned that the hard years in the performing arts circle of singer numerous types of assets, in addition to the outcry 70 million Hong Kong dollar, but sold the Garden apartments, there are bank account assets, investment assets and jewelry. In addition, she is also the property in Canada on April 4 this year successfully sold. According to local information, sing the 10 million Hong Kong dollar cash for their own medical treatment and Verbena ample cash reserve, in case a need arises. William estimated net asset value of 1 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Heights to let the mother and fertilizer rest assured that the recently separated two months with the former boyfriend compound. Championships in June this year with former boyfriend dating, but that is breaking up in August and September with a mixed-blood man, the development of new romance. According to reports, the fertilizer on the Heights do not look at the new boyfriend feels unpleasant to the eye, and always with the hope that his daughter's former boyfriend together.

Source: Beijing Morning

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