Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Zhang Wentai new car Shumei shoring talking about the incident

Banner: cars Shumei said Zhang Wentai new husband is recuperating at home

Assistant Director of Broadcasting, Radio Television Hong Kong before Zhang Wentai new suspected drunken driving after their tenure of RTHK yesterday DJ's wife cars Shumei open microphone as usual to do programs, programs Zhang Wen did not mention the new drunken driving by. Open microphone before the first car Shumei a reporter's visit, she said that a total of the new Columbia stitches five needles, and still have some lumbar bone pain, she feels some should be patient and let him pain more than a few days. Doctors advised the new Columbia to rest, will be removing more than a few days, the new Columbia are all OK.

Ms Candy Chea said the new Colombian most feel embarrassed, is the need to worry about friends, many friends call his condolences. Q Will she exhorted the new Columbia stop drinking? Car Shumei only Kazakhstan laughs, and asked her whether to continue support for the new Columbia? She admitted will continue to support him because he is family, her life is the most important person. Then she may be worried that the new Columbia failed promoted to the post of Director? Hearing this means that the car Shumei to get a microphone to talking about the problem. To ask him she may be worried about the new Columbia indicted? Car Shumei that people will know what the media has done, what is done.

Hai-Feng Lin Xiao Feng Shui poor RTHK

In addition, Hai-Feng Lin (Jan), Kai Zou light and LU Mi snow yesterday chaired by the Commercial Radio program "starting in sunny day," Zhang Wentai new drunken driving on to comment on the incident, Jan said with a smile new Columbia RTHK before the incident with the old canteen, RTHK before there is a small bar and a liquor license now RTHK no bars, the Street, they had to drink before the incident occurred one after another. ZOU Kai-kwong on the Street that can produce alcohol, but do not drink driving, after drinking liquor End keys will be handed over to other people, Jan said with a smile If RTHK old canteen liquor license is still nothing. LU Mi snow on the view that the new Columbia incident impression that RTHK people love drinking, despite himself, can easily drink little decompression, but do not like children to drink as Zhou Street vomit, as the Hong Kong and Taiwan people to be politically correct, the Hong Kong government strongly against drink driving, this is life and death, End drink liquor should not be driving .

Jan added that some incidents earlier Chu Pui-hing, at least he did not drink driving, but Mr Chu Pui-hing admitted their wrong things are caused by alcohol, said with a smile Cai Sheng good jump in the car did not break dancing, just talking nonsense. Sheng said that after a drink: "If I walk performances surface." Jan derision that is actually Sheng said "I want to Wine", we misunderstood his meaning, said with a smile RTHK to tantalizing to see feng shui. Yesterday RTHK car parks event, but also to park outside, Jan jovial, worried that their car would be hit.

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