Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ye Cuicui Dai 700,000 diamond ornaments to accept the award

Banner: Cuicui Leaf Award by the skin, to retain

Last night a beauty magazine at the presentation ceremony, the girls are not well-dressed artists to attend, including Chen Miao-young, Ethan, singer, Ye Cuicui, purse, Lu Yun and Shi Greer (Niki).

Wearing a leaf Cuicui's equipment, wear 6, 700,000 diamond necklace and diamond watches the scene. She said he was elected "the most perfect skin female artist," one of them. She has always been to maintain the skin, usually in addition to diet, drink a cup every morning will be heated. And she would later serve as a health product spokesmen.

Li Qi fertility

While prosecutors are appointed as jurors, she likes voting itself, they also want to introduce to you voting experience. Originally thought about writing for magazines or newspapers Hotline column, but because too busy, and ultimately discourage the idea. She statement he is lazy, will not spend a lot of money hidden, but is willing to spend money to eat. Recently she was actively fertility, but no matter how many are not eating fat, she said with a smile now will be the middle of the night three points up eating cup noodles.

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