Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sound good singer discharged spirit

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Last week unconscious to hospital for emergency treatment of William (Bermuda), as admitted a few days later, was discharged from hospital last night secretly returned home to rest, and yesterday morning about 8:00 or so, more of their friends Shu-Fen Chen Kowloon Tong to Jupiter home visits and stay until around 1 pm, and the only son to pick up honors sister and brother-in-law of the left .

To Barber

About 14 or so, a good makeup of the Jupiter, good spirit. She in her Heights, Verbena foreign accompanied by her boyfriend and Louise, drove to the hair salon in Prince Edward Road recognition, when Jupiter, and others arrived, the salon early in the morning waiting Shu-Fen Chen and others would pave the way for Bermuda, Verbena look at the whole boyfriend is looking for fear of shark accidents. They stay around to three, by the relatives of sailors on the help of seven people on the steps to return home.

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