Friday, November 16, 2007

Guo Chinan happy will recognize in April is the daddy

Chart: Chen Chihyun (will be left) congratulates An Tzuchiang the manner father

Yesterday will have the report to refer to Guo Chinan the next year April to be able to be the daddy, An Tzu last night also nods acknowledged this good news, the table showed good will happy. He refers to the present BB sex also unknown, he thought young female all not so-called, the most critical size is safe. But, in the date pats 20 volume of plays collections he to the inland, wants in February to be able to return the port. Wives all encourage him at this time goes to 搵 the money, because will relate the future happiness; But he did not think wife goes to the inland with him, rather as soon as possible pats comes back, he can bring along the visible image computer to go.

Is pregnant has nothing to do with with the science and technology

An Tzu also described wife's build likes a gross to be big, afterwards the only then correction resembles the basketball. Early once had biography Ou Ch'ieni the lower backbone to have the matter, after An Tzu expressed wife was pregnant all does not have the question, also had the biography he to have to arrive US to make the test tube to become pregnant the surgery, An Tzu said: "Calculates! Everybody is bright? But I cannot receive affect." Asked his this wife is pregnant whether or not depends on any technical assistance? He said that, "冇 the science and technology, depends entirely on an I foot to take care of everything, has nothing to do with with the science and technology." He says after learned about wife is pregnant, thought the BB thin fine grain, felt strange, he also does not understand looks, but he also delivered has put up four evenly to govern the saloon car to ride instead of walking to wife.

The Yang joy is recently photographed surreptitiously to gambles with the boyfriend to the Aomen gambling establishment, after but loses money on is excited shakes to bury the wall. Yang Ichih that is not a boyfriend, but the acknowledgement really is has shakes to bury the wall, the possible mood too to be excited, she was not has lost many money, only was thousand several Yuan.

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