Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guo Hsienni wants to buy the diamond to reward oneself

Chart: Guo Hsienni the short skirt danger is blown by the wind, the good fortune sensitively had Chen to hold down Guo Hsienni (Sonija) sensitively for her yesterday is a dining room cuts the ribbon with Chen to Niutoujiao, wears the black low boutonniere skirt Sonija with to wear the white suspenders skirt Chen sensitive it, the attraction large quantities of passers-by surrounded and photograph, clothing frail they braved the cool breeze to play the game, then is almost blown by the wind the skirt, the good fortune they deftly promptly holds down the skirt foot.

Denies the mother to prevent the crazy bee

Sonija has rested for section of days, recently the work load increased suddenly, only this chain-like dining room, she two time has held the post cuts the ribbon the honored guest, shortly after also could hold the post of the cosmetics spokesman, therefore was planning bought the diamond to reward oneself. She said that, "I just and sensitive research, because she likes buying these decorations, shortly after also can approximately Cao Min Li in once go, because she reads the jewelry 鑑 card. (How much money does plan spend to buy diamond?) Active reward! (Has six numerals?) Buys dresses up 1. possibilities to want expensive." Sonija in the near future will come out the work frequently to have the mother to accompany, asked whether she will prevent the debauched person using the mother? She denies immediately: "Is not, does not lead the mother to come out she to meet not happily, moreover she thinks in the home stuffily."

Sensitive work row to new year

Sensitive will celebrate the night as for Chen in to hold the post of Si Ichien to perform, and has attained two sets to drill plays the part of the support. Speaks of her since to perform together with Sonija "Waves Miracle", namely frequently 孖 the doll attendance propaganda activity, sensitive expressed its work load already row to new year, as for income whether has a pair of time of increase? She expressed has not counted, but definitely was are more than the last year.

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