Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The soup only pursues the golden horse movie queen when propagandizes

Chart: The soup only family has the toy zoo, stills have a childlike innocence

Card sulphadiazine Yu Yuanfang the market special shop yesterday held the opening ceremony, the scene displays ten sets of antiques royal crowns. The congress invited "Color, Abstains" the leading lady soup only to hold the post cuts the ribbon the honored guest. The ribbon cutting ceremony, various honored guests pull open the big gift box, behind the smallpox emits like Shui Lien fireworks immediately. But after the market changes in all directions also is a smoke, puts out a hand not to see the five fingers, finally must open the market roof louvre window. But the congress yesterday expressed applied to put the fireworks early in the morning.

Only can receive the marriage ring

Asked the soup only sees the so big smoke startled? She smiles the word not to fear, because she always all like the fireworks. Yesterday the soup only wore Emporio the Armani white suspenders skirt to arrive, on the body matched Dai Yuhuang to drill the hand which, the diamond and the platinum made 鍊, the earring, the ring and the neck 鍊, resultant five million. Asked the soup only can attain the congress to deliver presents as a gift the jewelry? She expresses unknown, but she thought the jewelry uses for the lining woman, may dress up and have the self-confidence, but own also stored have been very many. She thought each ring all has own story, has the memento very much. But, she ever cannot receive the ring which the male young delivers, only if is the marriage ring. Instead in her family has a zoo, is goes to an American toy store to buy, she sorted many revertex dolls to put in the home, sometimes also met 帶住 travels. Asked she can add an actor for the zoo? She smiles the word zoo not to use the male master, but has the zoo always is her dream. Again asked she has the gentleman to deliver the ring? She speaks frankly does not have.

Completed the work 夠

Refers to the movie "Chart Elegant Wedding" to withdraw from the contention Golden Horse Award, leading lady Yu Nanyeh withdraws from the contention "the best leading lady". The soup only indicated when reads the movie institute, looks at this girl to act the leading role "Lunar eclipse", had thought opposite party is good specially. This opposite party withdraws, all thought was a pity. Asked she has unconsciously been short the match? She expressed had not thought, sense opposite party is only the good actor. She refers obtains the award item is the very good propaganda, but own have not expected. As an actor, completed oneself works 夠, this piece has given the matter which she wanted, she most wanted then achieves a good actor. As for can otherwise attend the Golden Horse Award to have to arrange by the company.

Just trod into gate of the performance

The soup only still has not temporarily taken over the new job, asked whether she does pat "Color, after Abstains", meets the play also careful spot? She thought makes a movie also must look the reason share, looks like Ang Lee to direct refers to everybody to be able to cooperate pats this piece, was repairs several has lived only then may cooperate. When everybody cooperation resembles the big family, she also obtains the experience. The direct has is called her to cooperate again? She speaks frankly must look the reason share, led has spoken in public she only is just enters the performance the gate, needed to direct the help to train oneself, in addition led the play if not for the liang dynasty great such good actor, own certainly could not achieve, she all wanted to meet has the challenge role. Criticizes "Color regarding some people, Abstains" disparages the female, she says has each kind of sound is good, like this only then can have the topic.

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