Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guo K'oying to wireless not anxiously in addition does not climb

Guo K'oying is a filament body company holds the post of two years spokesman, night before last she attends this company's anniversary evening banquet. But full called oneself is a perfect principle, this fits in easily with filament body company's boss, the reward also extremely satisfies.

But full approximately is already full "wireless", the present stage is at the rest condition. Asked "Asia regards" and "wired" whether or not pours out her to ally? She indicated has has read their script, but at present only thought relaxed, makes the matter which oneself wants to do, not impatient makes the play again. Although left wireless, but might full still care about this year celebrates the leading lady to reward the flower to fall which family. She thought this year is big, struggle the thin agreement, also difficult minute high under, because Guan Chuying develops well prominently. She says with a smile: "The such difficult difficult problem or to remain high level for decided. (Which does actor reward you to favor to be possible to win?) Listens the Chen Hao human spirit good vigor, but my itself good likes the summer rain. "溏心 Storm" also is depends on "Bao Bao" to carry over the entire play to come out."

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