Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ouyang shakes China to have no trouble 艾美獎 the outstanding prize

Ouyang shakes China (Bobby) to depend on "Gambling establishment Wind and cloud" a play to contend "35th session of international 艾美獎" the best actor, and entered 五強, calculated cannot result in the best actor also to have the outstanding prize, therefore yesterday wireless especially held reporter for him the meeting, and delivered by manufacture resources department vice- inspector general Le I Ling to inscribe "to raise Ai Meiwei the port brought honor" the greeting card gave him, showed to praise, also wished him to be allowed to continue for the port to bring honor.

New York attends the grand occasion

Bobby yesterday tried the clothing namely to rush the television city to attend reporter the meeting, wore the red coat he was difficult to cover the excited mood. He indicated that, after this Saturday attends to celebrate the promulgation ritual, next day then will fly to New York with wife to attend this grand occasion. He says with a smile: "The hope may bring honor for the company, but this has the strong match, was the English established brand actors occupies the primary class especially (once to attain Oscarjin Hsiangchiang the best male supporting role), but could 夠 the participation be also happy, many thanks company."

Miss Le indicated that, Bobby enters 五強 had the outstanding prize, also looked whether he does seize the best actor. Asked how she will reward Bobby? Miss Le says with a smile: "Adds the man-power to him, adds many, actually he already is wireless most high salary entertainer's. (Can otherwise tie up him with Bobby multi- bamboos slip several years contracts?) Already tied up the peaceful death, everybody relations very were continuously all good." Bobby Wen Yanhou is the road: "Is I is voluntarily tied up dies, everybody since cooperates happy, why no longer cooperates gets down? (Therefore high salary all cannot dig you?) I start by the low firewood, also does not fear the low firewood, since cooperates happy cannot care about that little few money, cannot take the money as the major premise."

Sends the elder brother elder sister to offer advice

Refers to attends this grand occasion clothing, Bobby expressed Versace will support him and wife's clothing, but Bvlgari will support two people to drill the decoration, but because of will support the clothing the material too to be thin, but the local weather will be cold he to be sensitive to cold, therefore own will spend purchases Gucci the tuxedo, he also will say with a smile: "Wife started to eat the salad thin body, she already good was actually thin. (What can friends have 錦囊 to give you?) Sends the elder brother to send a telegram is called me to hold 平常心, has the share line red rug already when rewards, but also reminds me to bring to be helpful the sleep the drugs to guard against the time difference, the elder sister is called me to continue to try hard, but Luo Chialiang is called me to be most important does not want not to be a good judge of character."

This year Bobby also depends on "Gambling" the play to contend to celebrate "the best actor", he speaks frankly favors Chen Haohuo the summer rain to reward, and thought oneself has the opportunity to result in the inland audience to throw elects to regard the emperor, because he has the too many plays collection to broadcast in the inland. After wireless wants him to keep the port attendance promulgation ritual only then to go to America, middle whether has the mystery? Bobby says with a smile: "The company all has not been called me to attend the promulgation ritual year after year, but the company birthday, certainly needs to attend!"

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