Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lebanon posture sex appeal clothing crown 絕 entire audience

Chart: Sexy crown 絕 entire audience's Lebanon posture (center)

"Myriad Star Splendor Promulgation Ritual 2,007" last night vacation radiovision city held, in front of the promulgation ritual each candidate separately received for shipment by the precious saloon car enters the star light main road, and (Gigi) had the first battle engagement by Guo Chinan and the Lebanon posture, Gigi to as soon as raids a global have to fixed price Versace dew shoulder Gu Hsiungwan the attire, became the entire audience most sex appeal female entertainer, regarding this, Gigi road: "Do not have to say like this that, puts on any to me to put on any, is good in just is good-fitting does not need to change. (Whether or not makes full security measure?) The secret, good happy has the opportunity to put on the such expensive unlined upper garment in brief." The sexy degree only is inferior to Gigi is Liao Pier (Bernice) and Liang Ching Qi (Toby), former late assembles the Bvlgari two million jewelry by low chest Gucci, the latter low chest late attire stems from the Hong Kong designer's writing skill.

The big agreement emerald celebrates to celebrate

Last night the audiences female entertainer except fought dresses up also fights drills plays the part of 行頭, among "the big agreement" Li Ssuch'i only 鍊 fell the emerald had 298 cards, the value six surely Yuan, therefore has paid attention to other earrings, the ring price not again. She has the feeling age greatly to want. the multi- colors, in addition is the TVB birthday great happiness day, therefore elects to put on Dorian the Ho design the red late attire. As for "the thin agreement" Guan Chuying white quartz skirt, matches the lining value eight million Yuan rubies and the diamond jewelry. Other actor playing role of pretty young woman like Guo Hsienni on surpass three million 40 卡紅 gems jewelry to match the black low chest late attire; She Shihman has altogether prepared two sets of clothes, but first enters the stage by the Valentino late attire, jewelry then value six million Yuan, although refers the sexy degree to lose to Gigi, but Arab League She certainly did not mind, because they are the good friend; The Hu Hsinger late attire buttocks position design 翹起, she smiles said this aspect does not lose for Gigi, but it matches the lining jewelry also value two million Yuan.

Moreover, attains proclaimed "the myriad glory performs an art the big prize" Shen Tienhsia (fat elder sister), rides the child-care worker vehicle about seven o'clock to arrive at the television city main entrance, because too many media flush go forward to photograph, she then operates the vehicle door to everybody the photography, finishes after the photography, she a entrance enters the arena on original Che Yuling.

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