Sunday, November 18, 2007

The wireless shortcoming is eating the initial capital

Chart: Celebrates the play "To pass Celestial stems To search" the oral traditions to be average

Also arrived wireless to celebrate.

This year celebrates, besides demonstration wireless overwhelming with numerical strength, I thought this television circle elder brother increasingly was deficient friendly may Chen.

On said by the program that, until now, this year most makes one make the deep impression also have the trace, only has the play collection "溏心 Storm", other like are in harmony "Year Wind and cloud" with the central station, will celebrate the play with short-term "Evildoer To be firm", "Passes Celestial stems To search" and "Hard 咀 Silver Tooth", or will flow to builds with the formulation, so that both sides will not flatter; Or goes to extremes vulgar and the popularity, suffers audience's suit.

As for the synthesis skill program aspect, wireless always directs to think arrogant sings the program, may say is becomes worse and worse, trump card program "Vigor Song Gold Tune" although reforms over and over, still has not been able to turn the tide in favor, this although may shift responsibility onto others to the Hong Kong overall music standard (including singing star and song) drop, but 碩果僅存 how many big shows are certainly unattractive, how also explains?

But once the scenery for a while game program has not had pleasantly surprised, "Spent money like it is going out of style" traded Zhang Chient'ing to be the director, it compared Xu Kuanwen in atmosphere grasping with the whole performance to be good, but frequently used sensational or 悲情 the way agitates the audience mood, I actually most did not approve of; Uses crosses the river Long Yuch'eng to celebrate with Deng Chienhung manages "Taste Minute High Under", certainly not the anticipated spark and the oral traditions, naturally are unable to be allowed to continue to pat.

Wants the careful self-criticism reason, I thought the wireless certain degree in eats the initial capital, it in the innovation, the creativity and the depth, promotes these aspects, basically is unqualified, has disappointted the myriad audience's expectation; But in the manufacture aspect is careless, not rigorous and is not earnest (according to what has been heard is because massively drains secretly personnel, temporary shortage), frequently has in addition arise suddenly the work load and the working pressure makes the universal despondency, thereupon floods does not strive for to have the psychology which the merit, cherishes only the hope of avoiding mistakes or blame to be the result of.

Under the result compares, most is prominent instead is two programs which manages by Chen Chihyun: "Will Cloud Dinner party" and "On Will Cloud Element". Walks regarding Chen Chihyun by a solemn general manager's status to the curtain in front of makes the program, between the work place has very many objections and the criticism sound of, this aspect I certainly do not have any opinion, takes the audience, I request am program 娛樂性, considerable and the attraction degree, but the Chen Chihyun program basically all can meet these requirements, in addition his charm, increase program appearing in the papers rate, thus receives everybody the attention.

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