Thursday, November 15, 2007

Liu Chia Ling pats the advertisement incarnation 007 female roles

Chart: Liu Chia Ling puts on this set 泳衣 to have 007 female roles' shadows

Liu Chia Ling early by the wave qin table spokesman status, newly as soon as edits the advertisement to the rich and powerful people bay photography. Formerly praised Ling to pat the advertisement for this brand, were many in the outside areas photography, fine Ling thought patted the advertisement in the outside areas, was wants to give the audience 新鮮感, actually Hong Kong also had very many has not been discovered by the person dresses up the scenery. She thought photographs in Hong Kong, may draw close to her life, really this time lays out the effect is very good.

Fine Ling this in the advertisement by three different modelling appearances, the first part is fine Ling wears elegant gray Lian Shenwan to install on the street, in the hand wears inlays drills sparkles the fresh splendor BelleArti series, elegant. The second part is fine Ling puts on the white dew back attire, with commander-in-chief was mad famous dog JackRussell sits in operates on the boxcar, in the hand wears the white ceramics table circle the Conquest series. Third part of fine Ling puts on a Deep V article 泳衣, is joined to the HydroConquest diving series, the modelling resembles 007 movies "Hard Gold 剛勇 Broken Mystical Island" Ukraine sura Anders.

Fine Ling indicated that, the scene has south European very much the affective tone, she on the one hand blows on the other hand the sea breeze to sigh the red wine, enjoys for a leisurely and carefree afternoon. She thought these fragments may represent her life, because she always likes the thing which dresses up, also can enjoy life.

Fine Ling is the sound of something astir all suitable person, usually likes reading, but also likes looking at the tennis, the track and field, the diving movement project. She smiles says own very much to hold Olympic Games contestant Liu Hsiangch'ang, she thought is the person not to be able too to be stodgy.

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