Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rong Tsuer the father straight recognizes the threat period of five days trial

[ The Da Gong Bao news ] the renowned singing star Rong Tsuer father and the grandmother annoys Shangguan in pairs must! Accommodates the grandmother is a suspect in 葵 fragrant between Hui in the Kang supermarket steals two packages 香口膠, and latter the labor room is arrested by staff member Guan Chinpan in, likes mother cherished Rong Fuwei praying for rescue the mother, with shop in when staff member argument declared must cut the person, the staff member under reports to the police in great surprise arrests two people. The case yesterday opened the trial in the Tsuen Wan referee court, Rong Fu and his mother admitted frankly in pairs to the event, debates the side to ask favor called Rong Fu sent when the matter because worried the old mother frightened only then spoke the threat, the case 絕 does not involve the organized crime ingredient.

Rong Tsuer grandmother Lin Huichen attains the cancellation to control the crime, but must from sign 1,000 Yuan, defends the behavior for 12 months and pays the legal expenses. Acknowledges guilt as for Rong Tsuer father Rong Chinhui, the judge detains the document the late arrival on December 10, waits for defendant's background to report and the social service command reported only then carries on the sentence. The judge refers to the case to be serious, must demand the report to perform to appraise again.

The grandmother attains the cancellation to control the crime

42 year-old Rong Chinhui, and 66 year-old Lin Huichen, is separately controlled in the criminal threat and the shop the larceny. Controls the crime to refer to them to this year June 22, is arrested in Kuiyong standing grain pond 咀 street underground Hui Kang Nei.

Debates the side to ask favor the expression, Lin Huichen contracts the melancholia, is afraid the body to be in darkness and the narrow space. Hui Kang's staff member managed at that time the forest detention in the labor room, and resisted 絕 Rong Fu to request to them to go out the corridor to wait for the police personnel, Rong Fu extremely worried the mother safety, was afraid her mood to receive the puzzle under, in was desperate only then speaks threatens the staff member. Debates the side also to emphasize the case does not involve the organized crime ingredient, therefore entreats the referee function to give lightly to sentence.

The case disclosed that, the matter sends to this year June 22, Hui Kang female 保安員makes the casual attire patrol in the crime scene place, but defendant Lin Huichen together with Rong Chinhui and his younger sister in shop shopping. 保安員will pay attention to Lin Huichen takes up two packages 香口膠 and puts in the bag, hereafter line of 3 people line up pay money, but not including in Lin Tainei two packages of resultants 14 Yuan 香口膠. 保安員sees the shape immediate truncation to stop 3 people, and uncovered two packages in the forest bag to be involved in a case the goods, verificationed after the staff member reports to the police again seeks help.

The emphasis does not ford the organized crime

The forest hereafter is taken to by the staff member in the shop to guarantee the placement office labor room to wait for the police officer arrives the investigation, the period does not permit she to leave the room.

But a meeting, Rong Chinhui arrives the security room to knock on a door and to urge 保安員releases people immediately, but suffers opposite party to resist 絕, declared must wait for the police arrive the investigation. Afterwards, in Rong Chinhui and the shop 保安員had the argument, and when in front of shop 舖 manager was expressing if she were not willing to release people, then could summon "his person" to disturb and to pursue cuts 保安員.

The police officer afterwards arrived the understanding event and arrests the mother and child two people, warned Lin Huichen in the police to deny the larceny, Rong Chinhui acknowledged the punishment feared. Moreover, the police officer uncovers 5,465 Yuan Hong Kong dollars and 300 Yuan in on Lin Huichen body.

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