Friday, November 09, 2007

Zheng Xinyi newspaper good news: The fat elder sister anti- cancer is successful

Chart: Xinyi because the fat elder sister health has the progress, the smiling face completely presently

The Zheng Xinyi yesterday attended "On Will Cloud Element", delivered white eyeglasses to make the gift on first meeting for Chen Chihyun, in the program also meets after the wedding from goes to the kitchen. She speaks frankly the fat people all to like eating, the mother and the grandmother also have instruction 廚藝 to give her. She most loves entire Qu Ch'i and the sago pudding, but the present needs to lose weight, only can put in order for the others eats. Xinyi says the hope to penetrate this program, makes everybody to be allowed to look at her by the brand-new new person. She says very many people all to think she is depends on the parents two th ancestor, she acknowledged because the parents relate, made her many opportunities contact music, she also was willing to accept the criticism, but certainly had to be fair.

The fat elder sister declares a position celebrates wireless

Xinyi disclosed the fat elder sister has made to order set of pinks unlined upper garments, attendance next Saturday has held "Myriad Star Splendor Promulgation Ceremony". She said yesterday also to have the good news to have to announce, was the mother chemotherapy half year, in the body the harmful cell completely did not have, now makes the chemotherapy all is wants to provide against contingencies. After she says waits the mother to be restored to health, can go to places vigor in once such as the Singapore and Malaya, Taiwan eats for a month. Now mother also very aware, clearly steals the food only to meet own to be laborious. But she referred oneself recently loves the food potato piece, has not made the devil to tempt the mother as far as possible, but sometimes saw in family's potato piece to open, knew the mother to have steals the food.

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