Saturday, November 10, 2007

Giving up sings the young young to speak frankly gives up F4

Chart: The young young is marries the fresh young to the love

Young young Zhou Yumin just was promoting in individual special edition loudly sang "me was not F4", he had to F4 not to be able to shear the shed the sentiment, even rather sacrificed individual 演唱會 for F4 the gold opportunity. Old love Xu Weilun leaves the world not only makes a his mood to sink into the ebb tide, makes him to realize the life is variable, even more treasures all which the side has.

Crosses well every one day

Xu Weilun leaves the world to the young young attack is biggest, once spread him to contract the depression. He acknowledged opposite party dies makes the entire Taiwan the performance all to engage in introspection, when catches up with the circular has neglects own security. "I thought everybody increasingly pays great attention to the automobile security performance. Before frequently catches up with the circular overspeed to drive, sometimes really did not know oneself in any place, in the picture my traffic accident, is because too has been tired, absent minded only then occurs, that time only then awakens the life is not oneself may hold controls, we should cross well every one day."

Is not willing alone to hold the show

But is separated by the young young which three years promotes the second individual special edition, as early as in two years ago, unceasingly had the entertainment business to propose holds individual 演唱會 the request, but the young young had not consented. "I thought oneself has not prepared, I (word receives rising sun) in this aspect with Jerry to be same, if is unable to achieve a percentage, I rather do not do." Now his work row to 09 years, including with other F4 three sub- cooperations phonograph records, "I has not thought own work influence whole the plan, if openly expresses four people's 演唱會 or I, I can by four people first."

Sent the dream to take the shade emperor

Is acting in a play the aspect, his another half big S Xu Hsiyuan once had said, some day the young young certainly can become the shade emperor. He nods says with a smile: "! Is having a dream, I take the pillow when the certificate said: "I took the shade emperor, I took the shade emperor. "I believe besides diligently, but also must look at the fate." Talks about is together the way with big S, the young young said that, "I like the vehicle, she likes the high-heeled shoes. Everybody interest is all dissimilar, then we do not discuss, must chat time shares only then together, such life style is good." 19 year-old he had said twenty five year old of marriage, however young man pile of children, resolve to be a young grandfather, every day collects Sun Weile, but presently because works busily, until now does not have the realization wish.

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