Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ada Choi Is Getting Married

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) has kept a low profile when it comes to discussing her romantic affairs and has always raised speculation about who she could be dating. In a shocking move today, she wrote a letter addressed to the media, announcing her forthcoming marriage and revealing the elusive groom to be mainland actor and martial artist Max Zhang (張晉).

In the letter, Ada described her fiancé as a master in both martial arts and true arts and also said that she is very fortunate to have found a treasure like him. She also revealed that they have been dating for four and a half years and asked the press to repay her frank admission by giving them space and privacy to prepare their plans.

The couple had met whilst they were filming together in the mainland several years ago and despite rumours spreading of a possible romance two years ago, they appeared to die down quickly after Ada returned to Hong Kong.

Ada arrived at TVB City in the evening for filming of her series Gem Of Life <珠光寶氣> and was quickly surrounded by the waiting press, all eager to find out more about her wedding plans and how she had kept the relationship secret for so long. She responded by saying that all her feelings had already been expressed in the letter. Asked to elaborate on where and when her wedding will be, she said that she is still looking for a venue and she will tell everyone when she has confirmed the arrangements. She then thanked the reporters for their care and congratulations and said that she was also thankful to her friends for helping her keep this secret. She hinted that her wedding date would either be in the remainder of 2007 or 2008.

When it was mentioned that she is a year older than Max, Ada laughed and said that it was not that much. She revealed that she has been planning her wedding since she began filming for Gem and she will continue to work after marriage, so there will be no change. She also said that she wanted her wedding to be a low key affair.

Co-stars Maggie Shiu (邵美琪) and Gigi Lai (黎姿) were also present at the studio yesterday and Maggie said she did not know about Ada's secret, but was very happy for her. Gigi revealed that she had known about the wedding plans, but had kept her promise to keep the secret.

Ada's good friend Monica Chan (陳法蓉) had been linked to Ada in recent gossip amid suggestions that they were having a lesbian relationship. Monica laughed that she did not mind being accused if she could help her friend keep the secret and she said she will be a bridesmaid at the wedding, but will be expecting a large lucky packet from Ada and Max.

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