Monday, December 10, 2007

Lin Chih Ling Liao Pier Shanghai 大鬥 stature

Chart: The Lin Chih Ling's low chest late attire snatches the completely crest of wave

"2,007 prevailing customs grand ceremony" last night were held to the Shanghai Pudong exhibition hall, come from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japanese, South Korean and the inland entertainer uneven collection, the attraction large quantities of media interview, the scene star light bright. Attends the entertainer to include from South Korea's Cui Chihyu, Li Chunchi; Japan's liquor well method; Taiwan's Zheng Yuanch'ang, Lin Chih Ling, Iraq can be static, Zhou Yumin, Gui Lunmei; The inland entertainer has Zhao Wei; But Hong Kong has Twins, Liao Pier, Wang Mingch'uan, the ancient great base, Mo Wenwei, clock town Tao, the grass 蜢, Chen Hui Xian, Yang Kungju, Huang Yaoming, Liang Loshih and so on.

Li Chunchi enters the arena annoys the scream

Numerous entertainers devotedly dress up after the red carpet enter the arena, not young girl skill average per person appearance sex appeal appearance, dresses up sex appeal the most by Liao Pier and Lin Chih Ling, two people put on the black deep V late attire appearance as if by prior agreement, completely show arrogant person stature. But Lin Chih Ling wins after the dew reveals, not merely is the low chest goes forth to battle, is the big dew back. But always has Mo Wenwei which the unique attire savors, then wears silver Gao Ch'awan the attire to arrive, she walks pulls open the skirt 襬 show beautiful leg once for a while. But the factor most frightens is Zhao Wei not is, she last night wore the flowered flower white late attire, again matched has worn a terminal flower gray hat, was just like an incarnation flower to enter the field. When South Korean entertainer Li Chunchi enters the arena, also annoys a scene point cry, wears the red velvet western-style clothing coat Li Chunchi also often waves the hand to fans and the media.

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