Thursday, December 20, 2007

Liao Pier smiles the word boyfriend to have to be good "the pillow"

Chart: Liao Pier sorts the boyfriend to have to be good "the pillow"

Liao Pier (Bernice) yesterday on invitation attended a law 拉利 racing bicycle activity, she rode three million Yuan most new styles law which drove by boss 拉利 to enter the stage, really had the imposing manner. But Yang Cheng holds the post of the active department meter, at the meeting Yang Cheng all asked Bernice has what request to the boyfriend, whether can with sort the vehicle to be same? She smiles says certainly must have the line, buys Che T'anch'e the shape line to dress up, also looks like appreciates the person to be same. Asked she thought how line the boyfriend must have is good? She smiles the word certainly to have to be good "the pillow", which has to be good "the pillow" as for, she smiles refers to everybody to have to fantasize.

Boss works as the driver to be rare well

Afterwards, she smiles the word to be the driver by boss, all thinks rarely. Usually most sends and picks up by her daddy, throughout the entertainer operating time does not decide, is very difficult to give in to. Asked she is not should ask the colleague entertainer to send and pick up can be more convenient? She gets an idea immediately reporter the meaning, greatly sends charmingly angry. Reporter smiles again asked whether she only does have a gentleman to have the qualifications to receive for shipment her? She still is not willing to reply, which but also asks in reply reporter to refer is.

Bernice also says cannot request the boyfriend to have dresses up the vehicle, certainly if has the precious saloon car to receive for shipment, certainly can good having, she smile says own all corruptly admires the vanity. But, she thought a famous vehicle wants three million, looks like buys the building to be same, she then cannot have such many money to buy, certainly some people deliver on the exception. But her itself has five dogs, she thought buys a large cart to be able to be more appropriate.

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