Saturday, December 01, 2007

Musical Stars Play Happy Families

This year marks the 30th anniversary of RTHK's Top Ten Chinese Songs awards (十大中文金曲) and an opening ceremony for the event was held today, attended by many big names in Hong Kong's music industry. The show's production manager Chow Kwok Fung (周國豐) revealed that there will be two parts to the awards presentation this year. The first section will be the presentation of the top ten songs on 13 January 2008 at the RTHK car park, then there will be a second show on 19 January at the Hong Kong Coliseum that will showcase the 30 year history of the musical selections and other performances to support the presentation of the individual awards. The build up to the awards will begin on 20 December, with the nominations being announced for the Golden Needle Awards as well as the release of a television documentary about the show's history.

To build on the concept of the singers being like one big family, a vote was held at the event for who should play which role in this "musical family" a and Hacken Lee (李克勤) emerged as the most popular for the family's father figure, with Eason Chan (陳奕迅) elected to be the matriarch. Leo Ku (古巨基) was chosen as the son and Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) emerged as the daughter-in-law. Joey Yung (容祖兒) played the big sister and Kelvin Kwan was chosen to be the manservant.

Miriam was asked whether or not she was happy at being chosen to be the daughter-in-law and she said she was not really suitable because normally daughters-in-law are not supposed to speak out, but this is the complete opposite to her character. However, she laughed that her mother would be pleased at the selection because it proves she is still marketable. She also said that Eason is always very neat and tidy, so he would have suited the matriarch or the manservant characters very well. Asked about rumours that Joey is tipped to win the Chik Chak gold award, Miriam said that as long as she wins one award to take back to her boss, Leon Lai (黎明), then she will be happy because he is the father figure of A Music. As for whether she felt that she was behind because of her low broadcast levels, she said that the awards are like a race and you don't know who will win until the very end. She added that she will be attending as many events as she can to raise her profile and put Leon's mind at rest while he is filming in Beijing.

Asked about her feelings for being selected as the musical big sister, Joey said that it reflects her reality because with the newcomers joining her record company every year, then she does feel that she is like a big sister to them. With rumours that Denise Ho (何韻詩) may be in the running for the gold award this year, Joey said that this is all speculation and the reports are changing every day, so she will not let this affect her mood. She said she will go to the ceremonies without expectations and not let the rumours affect her relationship with Denise.

Hacken's mature and sensible image should have landed him the role of the dutiful son, but he lost out to Leo instead. Given the title of father instead, he said that he was not qualified to take the role because fathers are usually clumsy with the little things but smart when it comes to the big things, but he said modestly that he is clumsy with both big and small things. He commented that the atmosphere in the industry is much better this year, with a more friendly air and less rumours than in the past. He said that it is better for everyone to be friends because this leads to healthy open competition and no anomosity between the singers. He added that the fight should be between the companies and not the artistes.

Often caught up in speculation, Leo said that he has not thought about the awards much this year and he will leave the strategy to his company to devise. Asked who he thought stood a good chance of winning, he suggested that Eason, Justin Lo (側田), Hins Cheung (張敬軒) and himself all stand a good chance of taking the best male singer award. Asked about the rumours of Justin being dropped by his company because of his bad temper, Leo supported Justin, saying that he is very good-natured and he has not been disobedient. As for suggestions that Justin is a bit of a player, Leo continued to support his colleague, saying that he is actually very faithful and has only ever been linked to one person. When the reporters pointed out his slip, Leo called out: "Oh dear, entrapment!"

Eason was asked about rumours tha he will be the big winner at all the music awards this year and he said that the greater the expectation, then the greater the disappointment, so he will just see what happens and hopes that he will not disappoint his company. He admitted that he was a little lost in the past, but over a decade in the industry has taken him through experiences where he lost his motivation and direction, but now he has found it again and he wants to reward the people who work hard behind the scenes with his success.

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