Saturday, December 01, 2007

G the igi advance notification with constructs boldly fights the abdomen muscle

Chart: Gigi and the dance dances, does not mind the bodily entire contact

Liang Yong Qi (Gigi) recently was busy with for an under month hold charitable 演唱會 row of dance, middle and the male dance had many intimate movements, like is traced by opposite party the waist 托大 spleen, mutually embraces mutually traces and so on.

Gathers jumps the spicy body dance

But, Gigi smiles word this part is not too difficult, on the contrary spicy body dance which (Vanness) cooperates with Wu Chienhao, because everybody works busily, until now all does not have the time to practice the dance together, only can the substitute person which reaches agreement with the personal appearance separate the practice, always has a dress rehearsal until 演唱會 when can truly in once dance. She smiles the word: "This may be a test, the good fortune we is acquainted with one another already the long time, Don't worry to be short of the tacit understanding."

The audience flows the nosebleed

Gigi greatly approves Vanness to dance jumps very much the vigor, although two people only cooperate a song dance, but own all cannot be loaf, at the appointed time on one comparatively dances the technique, but also can the fire be spicier. Asked she can otherwise worry when performance bumps into the opposite party sensitive spot? Gigi said that, "Everybody very is ripe, does not will be awkward, moreover some more intimate movement also may borrow, in brief at the appointed time certainly can make everybody to see flows the nosebleed." Always loves the show muscle regarding Vanness, Gigi can otherwise the similar show stature? She indicated can diligently practice the abdomen muscle, Yu of Kengda the show small leg the show muscle, smiles the word even if does not hold six abdomens muscles, also can use to put on make-up the technical recovery.

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