Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shu Qi likes the boy having the thoughts to deliver the paper wristwatch

Chart: Shu Qi attains the child hand paper folding wristwatch, 拍合 illuminates with them

Shu Qi night before last on invitation attends accumulates the family to show "Shiny Night Gala Dinner" the charitable evening banquet and the high-quality jewelry 腕表 display, although recently its two scandals boyfriend Zhang Chen and Wang Lihong all successively public mandate of heaven emperor and admiration object, but not damages the Shu Qi mood, she devotedly dresses up by the Gucci dew back skirt matches the lining congress to provide the value more than 200 ten thousand Yuan diamonds wristwatches, appears elegantly. The congress also arranges the multi- child delivers kisses 手摺 the paper wristwatch to give her, makes her to be happy gets up the victory hand signal with child Qi Ch'ichu to photograph. The congress that very evening also contributes a section diamond 腕表 to make the charitable auction, and by the Hong Kong dollar 30 ten thousand deals, all donates "Hong Kong to protect the child meeting".

Shu Qi was asked in the hand wears the diamond wristwatch whether congress does give her? Her namely clever horse refers begins the paper wristwatch to say with a smile: "!" Shu Qi says basically does charitabley moves oneself can donate money, when but on is the order donates money? She had thought long time also cannot answer. May have as for her has received the wristwatch which the gentleman delivers? She said that, "Has never received, my wristwatch and the diamond are many is oneself buys, (you like receiving 金表 or paper wristwatch?) Paper wristwatch, because 金表 may own buy, I comparatively appreciate a person's regard." After she teased says can wait to deliver the wristwatch to deliver the wristwatch again a moment ago to hers young boy 20 years to her, reporter referred to the young boy possibly not necessarily to like her at the appointed time? Shu Qi smiles the word to be able to maintain the happy figure as far as possible. Has proposed she was inferior to agrees with the young boy on? She expressed already has two to agree female, an agreement young and several the children which adopt in Taiwan, moreover the physiognomist will approve her future to be able to have a sub- female, moreover will will be very filial, but she will be able very late to marry.

The scandal boyfriend has falls normally

Regarding its two scandals boyfriend Zhang Chen and the Wang Lihong recently all successively public mandate of heaven emperor and the admiration object, asked she may feel flings difficultly? A her face does not care about the road: "Cannot envy, the male and female racket tows normally, (but you have not patted tow are not how could it not be normal?) My enterprise for heavy likes flying round, feels the circumstances along with the reason!" Spoke of the daybreak (Leon) the 41st birthday, girlfriend Le Chier the belt superhuman balloon is celebrating on the other day for him, asked Shu Qi might have sends a telegram offers birthday congratulations to Leon? At the beginning of her when not the directly reply, reporter closely examines her only then to say again does not have. Asked she might once deliver the balloon to give Leon? She namely desolately said that, "I did not know whether he does like the balloon!"

Moreover, thousand 嬅 passes on the scandal with Yang the tadpole to be high night before last by the congress public relations status appearance, asked his Christmas can otherwise approximately thousand 嬅 together celebrate? His unexpectedly 絕 sentiment road: "Is not the work cannot look thousand 嬅. (That your scandal is false?) Certainly, (has not always towed with thousand 嬅 rackets?) Friend!" Reiterated with thousand 嬅 all has not always started.

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