Sunday, December 16, 2007

Zhen Tzu Dan yesterday accompanied produces wife under the birth the baby boy

Chart: The Wang round good nuptial dress unfolds narrates under the elder sister birth the baby boy

Zhen Tzu Dan and Ms. Wang Shihshih the second love crystal, was born to yesterday. Wang Shihshih the birth next weight eight pounds many baby boys, the mother and child are safe. Zhen Tzu the Dan entire journey accompanies produces and cuts the umbilical cord, he smiles the word feeling terror. Zhen Tzu Dan called the son English name calls James (to occupy gentleman nation), Chinese name then is undecided. He has asked for leave the multi- days to accompany wife, but the dramatic team still continued to urge him to begin, after therefore planned two, three days then had to leave port continue to make a movie. On the silver screen is big hero's he, smiles word this to accompany produces, the photography, cuts the umbilical cord, the mood some startled and the feeling terror.

Wang roundly delivers the time to the elder sister

Zhen Tzu Dan the sister-in-law Wang round yesterday good nuptial dress show, was also difficult to cover joyfully, she said: "BB two days has early been born compared to the expected date of childbirth. The elder sister to partly worked at night to move, after sends to hospital the labor pain for several hours, BB has only then been born, on an embryo pain half hour. I one late have not also rested, because must look after Jasmine (Zhen Tzu the Dan eldest daughter). The elder sister had worried Jasmine can be jealous James, before already prepared the toy horse, gave her by the younger brother name. Jasmine today searches the younger brothers well to be all happy, always asked whether my James does gather buries the eye to sort a cowboy to give her. James good thin, but the nose very big, good is lovable." Asked round can give any gift to give the elder sister, she smiles the word: "I send out the time to help her to collect two children."

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