Monday, December 03, 2007

Thousand 嬅 complains the Eason energy to be excellent

Chart: Yang thousand 嬅 back attains the multitudinous singer fan to support

"Huifeng Insurance FUN with Happy Date 2,007" yesterday 邀來 Yang thousand 嬅, Sun Yaowei, Deng Lihsin, attendance and so on Deng Chienhung, Artemisia stelleriana house swallow. Yang thousand 嬅 is appointed is "happy ambassador", and delivers warmly toward under to the elder, since has thanked them to be long-time to society's contribution.

A thousand 嬅 yesterday face tired look, she expressed already continuously on second suffers all night, after night before last performs "business" the concert, everybody night celebrates the merit in once, but unexpectedly Eason (Chen Luanhsun) in full vigour is excellent, unceasingly plays the role of the different singer to sing, does the midnight 3. half only then 散席. The family lives the Hong Kong Island area she indicated, can the residential responsibility, voting special election legislature congressman. She most hoped election congressman is helpful to improve the Chek Chu area the transportation.

Deng Lihsin the valley chest sings

Deng Lihsin (Stephy) because the dress rehearsal 演唱會 thin ten pounds, have prepared the song unlined upper garment also must again revise, asked on encircles whether or not the synaeresis? She indicated, before is 31, 32, present on encircles the numeral is the secret, sings only has Deep V, hoped only -odd as far as possible valley will come out.

Sun Yaowei is urged by the mother the marriage

Sun Yaowei disclosed that, has bought the insurance by six year old of mother for him, his many years ago made a movie in Taiwan are once stepped on by the horses the hemorrhaging from the lung, were good have been buying the insurance, were allowed to ride the airplane to return to the port treatment immediately, but he bought the safe beneficiaries all were his mother, throughout own unmarried. He also says the mother extremely to clear, before he tows in the inland racket, its mother is called him to marry and the secret fresh young.

Should prosperous bless regarding the daybreak "Mei Lanfang" the modelling poorly comments like a tide matter, he says has not looked, but knew opposite party wants to study the executor and to perform in an opera, for is really laborious, own extremely anticipated looks at his performance.

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