Monday, December 03, 2007

Cai Shaofen not full scandal 染污sisters sentiment

Cai Shaofen (Ada) yesterday attended "the body and mind beautiful charitable foundation" the inauguration ceremony, she is early passed on with the good friend 陳法 hibiscus has "breaks the back" the sentiment, asked at the session turned over to where she to the facts, Ada said with a smile: "I am very long have not all spread the feeling circumstances, everybody extremely pays attention." She mentions with Wang Tsulan scandal, at first thought nobody believed, frequently borrows the scandal to crack a joke, but plays too thought is unamusing again has then played.

Mentioned the friend 陳法 hibiscus, Ada called everybody is more than 10 year good sisters, is friend which is good does not have the demarcation line, she did not understand why has section of sincere feelings circumstances, to compile very much the contamination, 染污between them friendship. The hereafter, Ada from explodes joyful early goes to the furniture shop with Hong to look at the bed, Hong Hsin proposed was inferior to everybody supports together rests, makes her to know whether to laugh or cry. Ada has a photography the new opera "To be bedecked with jewels" finally the ghost branch, she plans the Japanese traveling, smiles the word to be able to invite a class "to break the back" the good friend 陳法 hibiscus, Hong Hsin, Zhu Yin, fine is bright and so on to the sea mist and Mongolia to travel together in once.

The marriage that day announced to outside

In addition, Ada is early patted to tows with inland actor Zhang Chinp'ai intimately illuminates, has duplicate refers their former friendship to flaming, she said: "Before my marriage has not been able to say has not patted tows, hoped gives everybody" the growth "the space, the formerly scandal all was not in brief really, until my real marriage that day, only then could to everybody announcement."

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