Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Black is astringent can the beautiful eyebrow year's end finally the enormous ratio spell

Chart: Small, is uncanny (center), the young Xun sex appeal performance, declared the big female

Taiwan "I Love Black Astringent Meeting" 2007 year after year ends big comparisons and appraisals, by black is astringent can the beautiful eyebrow command troops adds on the program other beautiful eyebrows to go all out the performance, slightly flies role and so on variant, spy, field operation soldier, cheering team, enduring emerges in abundance, matches all kinds of dance, the brilliant performance is in 2007 delimits the perfect period. Small, uncanny, young Xun dances unfolds black is astringent can the beautiful eyebrow sex appeal, declared oneself grew up.

Blood vessels 賁

Black astringent can the beautiful eyebrow be uncanny as soon as enters the stage puts on the big-ticket item male student shirt, jumps while takes off the coat, inside unexpectedly is a black waistcoat miniskirt, when dances, uncannily often flings moves the hair to add on repeatedly bends the waist the movement to reveal in front of the chest the sexy region, but also intimate gathers the dance with the male dance, let the person look has unable to restrain blood vessels 賁. But young Xun moves the feeling dance also technique startled entire audience. Young Xun enters the stage when puts on the field forces clothing with "the wing influence" ㄚ America and the grass collaborate to jump out three people to dance. Three people roll crawl turn, often has the overlap the brilliant movement, unfolds with joint forces fills the battle efficiency the dance. Finally the big tooth, the MEI MEI performance mays be called one 絕, not only has the music, the picture, the rockery background matches, two wear the ultra short Chinese dress to take the scarlet fan dance girl, the ocular change is being big, lets dance the old normal university to approve: "This completely is 演唱會 the specification performance!" Let MEI MEI listen to unable to restrain to cry.

MEI MEI cries

The original big tooth and MEI MEI starts from September to arrange this performance, wrestle acrobatic fighting style, MEI MEI because the strength is small, practice time continuously splits out the imposing manner which should have, depressed cries while to say: "I first time thought oneself cannot dance!" Now performs successfully lets her cry immediately 淚人. But the one side big tooth also loved dearly with has been crying, spoke of in order to perform, own always were not lenient, therefore continually fought when the practice the style she all was really comes, MEI MEI on stasis blue, was she splits out, now unfolds trains hard the achievement performance to be smooth, the big tooth also bore again holds MEI MEI to say: "You very are really good!"

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