Monday, January 21, 2008

CCTV spring the late director makes a final decision the non- Hong Kong and Taiwan public figure

[ Grand duke net news ] Dong Ch'ing, Zhu Chun, Zhou Tao, Li Yong, Liu are fragrant the spring late director which, Zhang Zech'un continues to take on this year. 6 person of coordinations also will continue last year the pattern.

According to the legal system evening news reported that, repeatedly considers after the direct group, this year spring the late director's name list finally drew a charge to yesterday. Determination candidate not fresh place, was as before last year spring late director - - Dong Ch'ing, Zhu Chun, Zhou Tao, Li Yong, Liu is fragrant, Zhang Zech'un 6 people.

6 managements coordinate patterns also will continue the last year 4+2 patterns, namely Dong Ch'ing, Zhu Chun, Zhou Tao, Li chanted the director which took on the scene, Liu is fragrant, Zhang Zech'un responsibly reads the congratulatory telegram.

Before this, Dong Ch'ing, Zhu Chun, Li Yongi is examining the scene to train one after another, only has in Austria group committee's week Tao has not appeared. But yesterday reporter reigned to five pinus pentaphyllas' spring late dramatic teams first time sees Zhou Tao's form.

This year director's finally determination time all was later than the old times. The main reason was directs the group once to consider innovated in this aspect, like invited the Hong Kong and Taiwan director or the Olympic Games star alliance and so on. But after repeatedly considers, or thought the experienced 6 old buddies have the assurance.

According to the insider disclosed that, invites the Hong Kong and Taiwan well-known synthesis skill M.C truly is one of plans, they not only have the rich experience, moreover has the better audience reason, can late give the spring to bring the new vigor. But because the direct seeding approaches, stemming from this aspect consideration, this idea has not finally obtained the correlation leadership the authorization.

At present, 6 directors have laid down oneself from today to the lunar New Year's Eve other work, prepares the entire body and mind investment spring the late dress rehearsal. As for the director that, continuously several days day and night rehearse, will be to the physical strength and the mental ability excess load test.

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